Gallery Antique Uganda was started in 1998 by Bev Paden and Karen Downing.
It was later acquired in 1999 by Maria Fisher.

Gallery Antique Uganda is currently one of the finest Art Galleries in Uganda offering a collection of art elements: African Contemporary Art, African Tribal Art, African Masks, African Sculptures, and African Utilitarian Objects. From various tribes like the Songye, Legya, Luba, Bembe, Dinka, Zuula, Nkutshu, Karamajong, Kusu, Kumu, Maghbetu, Soko, Tutsi, Toposa, Hemba and many more art pieces from the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan. etc.

Gallery Antique Uganda has numerous changing exhibitions.
Mr. Joe Ndyanabangi deals with the Tribal Arts department. After extensive travel selling tribal art in galleries all over Europe and U.S.A. He has decided to share these great tribal art pieces from the Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda, and more
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Gallery Antique Uganda
Plot 28 Hannington Road
Kampala, Uganda

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